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New Year is a great time to start looking after yourself and doing something new!

The problem is, that it is hard to stick to something new. Studies show planning and feeling part of a collective increase the likelihood of committing to a new venture.

You can download the training programme and start improving. Join our Strava Club and see others taking on the challenge and feel part of the community. 


Join our Facebook Regulars Group now and if you haven’t already, sign up totally Free for a month (From £10 for the year after)

Whether you are a beginner wanting to get some fitness back, an existing runner looking for some guidance and improvement or someone who used to run and wants to get back to it, there is a training plan for you!


Download either the Beginners / 10k / Improvers training plans to the left to make a start. Each Friday / Saturday we will email you and place week 2 on the page so you can get ready for your week ahead.


REMEMBER week 2 will see the 6:30am session on Monday Morning for all you early risers!

Follow the training plan for 4 weeks to build up to a non stop 5k!


Week Three

Coming Soon

Week Four

Coming Soon