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Marsden Racers

We have been going since 2014 and have grown gradually over the years. We have a great community group that wants to grow further and provide more in our local area.

As a result, we are now expanding our club and memberships will help us achieve some of the goals over the next few years! Try us now for Free!

Try us out

1 Month to try us out!
FREE 1 Month Free
  • 1 month free
  • Come to any session
  • Access to Training plans
  • Bootcamps included

Social Member

Free access to all our session
£ 10.00 Annually
  • Come to any of our sessions
  • Discount for Kids Club
  • Discount for local businesses
  • 5% Discount to our shop

Affiliated Runner

Coming Soon
£ 30.00 Annually
  • Come to any of our sessions
  • Social Member benefits
  • Affiliated Runner member
  • 5% Discount to our shop

Affiliated Cycler

Coming Soon
£ TBC Annually
  • Come to any of our sessions
  • Social Member benefits
  • Affiliated Cycler with Insurance
  • 5% Discount to our shop

Try us out

Free for 1 Month

We know that all clubs and all gyms are a personal preference so we encourage you to try us for a month before you commit to anything. We fully encourage you to try other local clubs to see what best suits you! We want everyone to feel comfortable and get the most out of their training, whether your aim is to get out on a new bike, run a 5k non-stop or run a marathon.

Get signed up to our site now for FREE and get access to all our training plans and get some advice and get joined in!

1 Month will be calculated from the day you sign up, or come down. We have 4-5 sessions a week so plenty to choose from

Great! We will email you a link to upgrade your membership online. We will ask you to fill out some questions for our welfare. All details are confidential 

Not a problem, let us know the reasons, if you are (for example) on holiday for 2 weeks, we can take that into consideration and maybe extend the trial. This will be subject to circumstances

That’s no problem, come join in! Its a good way to meet some people and get some extra training in for a month!

Yes please, it allows us to get a measure of people to expect and their level of ability.

As a social member, you will be able to come to any of our sessions for FREE all year. We are also offering a kids club this year which will be discounted for social members.

In addition, we are offering discounts to our members for local businesses. We have always been really proud of the community spirit in our local area and would love to try contribute to this by encouraging people to #shopLocal

All memberships will be year to year and a full 12 months from the point of payment.

Of course, we will just charge you the difference.

Not at all, affiliated memberships are more suited for people requiring more insurance and discount on races.

Absolutely, we want to maintain that flexibility for everyone. We want to encourage people to just enjoy running // cycling no matter who they are associated with or are

No! We offer you a full month to try us out! After that, we do ask you to join as either a social member or an affiliated. 

We are trying to be community minded and will be using the money to give back to community initiatives and training. We are looking to provide more training and education within the club and for youth groups in the area, to encourage careers and general interest in sport.

Yes, if you would like the kids club discount, your child will have to be the social member. 

Social Member

£10 Annually