Marsden Racers // Running and Cycling club in Huddersfield


Our Committee

Since 2019, we formulated a committee in order to become affiliated with England Athletics and British Cycling. We now have a team of people who really make the club work. We are currently working on Funding applications, Community iniciatives and funding as well as many MANY social events for out members.



One of the founders of Marsden Racers, along with Wife Sinead, Ian gladly took position of Club Chair in 2021.



Ian is a Head of P.E. and has a degree in Sports science as well as a Masters in Sports Nutrition. Playing Rugby and Cricket to a high standard, in recent years, Ian has focused his attention to road cycling. He has been instrumental in obtaining  funding for cycling facilities and equipment at his school. He has also brought this skill set to the club by raising a huge amount of money in club challenges with other members of the team, as well as driving the club forward both actively and socially. 


Club Secretary

Jan Lark

Jan Lark joined the Committee at the 2022 AGM to replace Laura Coulson as Club Secretary.

Jan is a trained Yogi and also offers 30 Min sessions as part of our Thursday training sessions at Zapato Brewery. Jan has been a member since 2014 and when she is not running or teaching yoga to the masses, you will probably find her, and partner Paul, wandering round the hills and off on Adventures.


Sally Watts

Sally Watts joined the Committee at the 2022 AGM to replace Diane Ellis as Treasurer.


Sally has been a long time runner and Official Member of Marsden Racers for the past 3 year. In 2019 she started training for her first Marathon (only to be disappointed by Covid) but has since gone on to not only complete multiple Marathons, but MANY Ultras.

Membership Manager

Tristan McCarthy

Tristan McCarthy joined the Committee in 2022 to replace Jane Booth as Membership Manager.

Tristan has been a regular member since 2019 and with his background in high end IT and software management, has already streamlined a rather complex membership process. When not keeping us all in line, he can be found working on his various renovation projects around the Colne Valley!

Kit Manager

Rebecca Swales

Rebecca Swales joined the Committee at the 2022 AGM to replace Natalie Parish as Kit manager.


You may recognise Rebecca for her many many marshalling duties, including with the “Its Grim up north” series as well as the Heights Ultra Trail.


Rebecca completed her first Marathon in 2022 and has since set her sights on longer and longer races.

Funding Manager

Sam Bolton

Sam Bolton joined the Committee at the in 2021 to help raise funding for our New Home at Hemplow Sports Ground.


Sam has been a member since 2018 when he came on board full time after being a loyal and active member for many years with Meltham AC. 


Sam is now bringing in funds and grants to further provide equipment and upgrades to our facilities that we can then roll out to other clubs and the community.


Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell joined the Committee in 2021 as the Welfare Officer.



Long time member, Jonathan is an exceptional cyclist and calming force in our club. He was therefore perfect to take on the welfare role as a caring person and our resident Psychologist.



Jonathan, along with Sam (and a number of other members), is also a member of the “Peat Bog Men”. So if you ever see them off the beaten track, in a bog somewhere on your travels, just know, that they are having the time of their lives! But best do a welfare check!


Alongside the Main title roles within the committee, we have the other members that make the daily course of the club run smoothly. 

Sinead Battarbee

David Shaw

Adam Garside

Christine Mitchell

Jon Edwards

Jason Chapman

Tuesdays 6:15pm
5k Beginners Session // Children Welcome

Marsden Football Club / Carrs Road
5k Beginners Sessions
5k beginners running session

From absolute beginners to those getting back into fitness, this is the perfect session for you. 30 Minutes of mini intervals to push your ability a little further each week with the aim to get you running 5k within 8 weeks

Tuesdays 7:00pm
Trail and Road Sessions // Children Welcome

Trail and Road Sessions

We seperate our groups into 10min Milers and over, 8 to 10 min miler pace and 8 min mile and under. All abilities are welcome and routes are between 5 and 8 miles.

Wednesdays 6:30pm
Road Cycling

Marsden Football Club / Carrs Road
Road Cycling

Approximately a 20-25 mile route that will take on the scenic views of the Colne and Holme valleys. 

Thursdays 6:30pm
5k Intervals Session // Children Welcome

Zapato Brewery ? West Slaithwaite Road
Trail Speed & Strength Sessions
5k beginners running session

For those wanting to push their speed a little more a get a little fitter, we run 30 Minutes of mini intervals to push your ability a little further each week. Get the heart rate up, and the legs turning over.


Try us out

We are free for all sessions for 30 days for new potential members. You can sign up to one of our memberships for 30 days and book onto any of our sessions! Click here to Join Now

Training in A group is more fun!

Training with others is proven to provide better results. So whether you are training for a 5k, getting into cycling, or taking on your first marathon, come join us!

All abilities are welcome!

You are NEVER too slow. You will NEVER hold people back. We encourage all to come and join us to cycle or run with us. Why not give us a try!

We do lots of charity challenges

We have done many fun challenges for Charity, including raising money for Holme Valley Mountain rescue, nearly £8000 for MacMillan as well as Yorkshire Air Ambulance

We are Social!

We started this group as a new way to meet people, so that involves plenty of social gatherings, club challenges and reasons to all get together!

Run as a family

Our 5k Sessions are perfect for you to run as a family! Get your kids into running and enjoy some quality time together!


We are affiliated with both England Athletics and British Cycling. This means we are very well insured and governed, our leaders are trained and skilled and our members get LOADS of benefits and discounts

We work with other clubs

We love working together with other clubs in our local area to make things more fun and learn from them. We currently organise many local events for fun with Lindley AC, Meltham AC, Stadium Runners and more

We have an instagram account, who doesn’t right? But we want to see what YOU are up to! 

Use #marsdenracers in your post to feature on a wall and show off your sporting activities to the rest of our community!