Marsden Racers // Cycling and Running Club



Diane has been a solid member of our club for a number of years and has always been one of the first to volunteer her services whenever our club is putting on a challenge!


After her sterling work with the Butterly Spillway campaign, Diane was an obvious choice for Club Treasurer. 


She completed her first ultra in 2018 at the White Rose Ultra and has continued to be an inspiration to all members of our club.



Laura, yet another original member, joined us 5 years ago, while going through a transition in her career . What started off as something for her to relax with, has turned her into an exceptional runner, competing in her first Marathon in Manchester in 2019. 


With a Degree in Sports Science and with her career background in Teaching and now Sports Mentoring programmes in Schools, Laura was an obvious choice for Secretary. Her insight into sport with children and planning will form part of our Junior initiative. 


Another amazing team member, she has been a role model to many over the years, a good friend to all and her progress has been inspirational.



David is one of our original cyclers and has done some impressive things over the past few years. He was our first “Racer of the Year” after completing the well know JOGLE challenge. If that wasn’t enough, he was also the member with the most miles and elevation clocked for the year. All that at the age of 70 was something pretty incredible to witness.


If thats not impressive enough, David has continued to help drive our cycling forward with club challenge initiatives and has taken part in our Coast to Coast and Marsden to Marsden fundraisers. Along with wife Edwina, they are the supportive back bone of our club and we are incredibly lucky to have them!



Mark, another original member, has the benefit of being both a runner and a cycler in the Marsden Racers team, so can provide club development insight in both areas. Mark’s official roles within the Committee are Membership Co-ordinator and Running Director.


He was selected to represent Great Britain in the European Duathlon Championships 2019, in Romania. As a natural motivator, he has helped push members in a positive way, with amazing training advice, gathered from his own extensive experience.


Seen as the “Big Brother” of the group, his personality, positivity and encouragement of all abilities is something that as a club, we try to emulate.


Jason Chapman

As a youngster living 1 mile out of the village centre cycling was Jason’s main mode of transport rather than what is now a passion.


Like most, Jason came to cycling later in life after seeing his weight creep up in his mid 30’s. Suddenly he was approaching 17stone and 40yrs old and decided to make a change.

Cycling became a passion and a love of Jason’s and has been a firm and supportive member of Marsden Racers since day one.

“Turning up for the first meeting of Marsden Racers all those years ago was one of the better decisions I have made and I hope to give a little back for the difference I know this club makes on people’s life’s.”

Officials Organiser


Christine, along with a number of others, has been with us since day one. She has been a positive and impressionable member of the club and her sound advice has been invaluable over the years to both the club and its members. Her attitude and mental strength are an inspiration to many.


An amazing ultra runner, she has competed in over 10 Ultras in her time with the Marsden Racers, improving each year in both time and distance. We welcome her experience as a committee member and her suggestions in pushing the club in the right direction.



Steve has been instrumental in helping us provide a path to formalising our club. As an invaluable member of the community already, he has helped clubs in the area gain momentum and achieve their goals over the years.


His company, SB Homes, are proud, if not humble sponsors and donators to many local incentives and community projects, so his insight and advice is hugely appreciated in helping us move forward in a positive way.


Taking part in the L’etape next year in France with Ian, Steve takes to cycling just like he does to running, with ease. 


Sinead Battarbee

One of the founders of Marsden Racers, along with Husband Ian, Sinead was nominated into the position of Initial Club Chair.


Sinead has a wide ranging background in Sport. Starting in athletics as a teenager with Bradford Airedale, then Spenborough AC, she gained entry and competed at both County and National level. Following on from this, she studied Sports Science and Psychology, gaining a BSc Honours degree at Northumbria University. 


Sinead runs Ultras, Trails and is looking forward to competing in the GrossGlockner in Austria in 2021.



One of the founders of Marsden Racers, along with Wife Sinead, Ian gladly took position of Social Secretary after being the social maker for 5 years!


Ian is a Head of P.E. and has a degree in Sports science as well as a Masters in Sports Nutrition. Playing Rugby and Cricket to a high standard, in recent years, Ian has focused his attention to road cycling. He has been instrumental in obtaining  funding for cycling facilities and equipment at his school. He has also brought this skill set to the club by raising a huge amount of money in club challenges with other members of the team, as well as driving the club forward both actively and socially.