Our Club Sessions during Covid-19

RUNNING // CYCLING // Walking in Huddersfield

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During Covid-19

We are all eager to get back to normality, but we are looking at things constantly and adapting how we can work safely together with our members. This page will give constant updates to our members and how they can train effectively.

As a club, and a committee, we have had a number of virtual meetings in the past week since the announcement of groups up to 6 could meet and exercise together. We have looked at many ways we could achieve this as a club and feel that for now, we must follow guidelines, but also take note from other established clubs in the area. After liaising with other clubs, our own members and our own meetings, we have decided that group meet ups and organised club meet ups are still a number of weeks away and we could not support this in good conscience.


For this reason, we are creating this page which will guide our members on the activities we can encourage, support and keep you motivated. This will be updated each Sunday to keep you on track with your training.


Our main focus is and always has been the safety of our members and our community, so as much as we are keen to get back to it, we are going to air on the side of caution and we will be monitoring this closely in the weeks to come. 


As are many others, we are trying to navigate our way through an ever changing and new situation. Our member and community support has been staggering and we could not be more pleased with the motivation you have all provided each other. 


Please keep an eye on this page weekly for new updates and how we are moving forward with sessions.


Thank you from all the Committee @ Marsden Racers


Running and walking sessions designed to improve your general fitness. 

Please look below at this weeks suggestion.



Join one other member and run for 30 minutes.


The aim is to try to eventually run continuously for 30 minutes . This might take time to get to this level.


Pick a flat-ish route (suggested one below) and try to run as far as you can in 30 minutes. If you cannot run it, thats fine, keep walking.



Join one other member and run for 90 minutes.


This weeks aim is to get in as much elevation as possible in under 1 hour 30 mins


Here is a nice little route around the Bolster Moor area.

Gets a lot of elevation in while giving you a very pretty, scenic run.

at least60mins


Join one other member and walk for up to 1 hour


Try a new path you haven’t been on before and 

go see a view!


This route is a little heart pounder to start with, but the view over Marsden to follow, is absolutely beautiful!

Well worth it!


Road Cycling sessions designed to improve your general fitness. 

Please look below at this weeks suggestion.



Join one other member to ride for 120 minutes.


This weeks aim is to plan a route with another member 

approximately 25 miles.

Share it by posting in the regulars group for others to try also!


Interval sessions are amazing for all wanting to increase speed, fitness and strength. Excellent for weight loss and for getting a good cardiovascular session in when time is tight.

These are great to do in pairs as it keeps you motivated!

Please look below at this weeks suggestion.



Join one other member to Complete the following:


Walk 3 minutes to pre warm up the body


Run 5 minutes very easy.


Main set: 8 x 1 minute sets of fast but controlled running

with 1 minute walking between each set to catch your breath.


Cool down: 4 minutes very easy running then walk for 2 minutes.


Notes: Depending on time and how you are feeling you can reduce the main set to 5 x 1 minute or increase to 10 x 1 minute.



Virutal Bootcamps are replacing our Saturday Morning

Bootcamps held in Marsden. 


Victoria and Aled have been doing an excellent job of strength and conditioning throughout lockdown.


The videos are also available

all week if you cannot make the live session. 



Virtual session streamed live on our Facebook Page


The give strength and flexibility to all our members.

This can help reduce injury, improve speed and

over all performance


These weekly challenges are designed

to keep us all motivated. 

Each week, we will be posting the weekly challenge from our 

committee members. 

Keep everyone up to date with your progress by posting  in the Regular members group




Run past as many features or on as many roads with a reference to water in the name as possible, post it on our Facebook page for others to try.




How much elevation can you do this week? Don’t worry about what others are doing, what’s your goal!? Try add another 100ft at least on your usual elevation.







Mystery Tour


Ride a 20 to 30 mile route that you haven’t done before with 1 other cyclist and post it on our Facebook page for others to try.