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We know that all clubs and all gyms are a personal preference so we encourage you to try us for a month before you commit to anything. We fully encourage you to try other local clubs to see what best suits you! We want everyone to feel comfortable and get the most out of their training, whether your aim is to get out on a new bike, run a 5k non-stop or run a marathon.

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£0.00 for 1 month

CYCLISTS ONLY MEMBERSHIP: The price above is for membership to the Marsden Racers Only. Please also sign up to British Cycling as described in content.


For our walkers and Supporters
£ 10.00 Annually
  • Attend our Social Events / Challenges
  • Other EA Registered Athletes can join
  • Discount for businesses
  • 5% Discount to our shop


Free access to all running
£ 30.00 Annually
  • FREE for 30 Days
  • Join any of our sessions
  • Affiliated to UK Athletics
  • Wide Range of Discounts


Free access to all cycling
£ 29.00 Annually*
  • FREE for 30 Days
  • Join any of our sessions
  • Affiliated to British Cycling
  • Wide Range of Discounts


Full access to all sessions
£ 49.00 Annually*
  • FREE for 30 Days
  • Affiliated with England Athletics
  • Affiliated with British Cycling
  • Discount for businesses