Marsden Racers // Cycling and Running Club

Cycling Member

We ask that all members wishing to take part in our cycle sessions become affiliated with British Cycling. There are many levels to the British Cycling membership, but we ask that our members have either Silver Race (£19 for year 1, £46 thereafter) or Ride (£22 for year 1, £44 thereafter) membership. This will mean you are insured appropriately to attend our sessions on a longer basis. There are lots of member benefits with British Cycling and we are excited to be a part of their association.

Why we as you to become a Full member to come to sessions?
We need to ensure the safety of our leaders as well as all our participants. As a British Cycling affiliated Club, we are insured to deliver training sessions. British Cycling registered athletes will receive insurance for any of our sessions. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to ensure the absolute safety and well-being of everyone at our sessions. We hope you can appreciate this has to be one of our main priorities.

Payment Process Information
Please read as this is important. When joining MRUK, you join through this site. We take our social fees from you (£10) and you set yourself up through British Cycling (the additional payment will be taken by them). As a new member, you get a discount and we require a minimum of a RACE or SILVER membership. Select and pay through their site and you are a full member of MRUK.


Already a BC Member
If you are currently a BC member, sign onto the British Cycling site and choose Marsden Racers as your chosen club. This will then automatically add you to our records. If you have never received a discounted British Cycling membership, then when it comes to renewing your annual membership, call the British Cycling membership team, explain your situation of joining our club, and a discount (£19 instead of £46) should be applied for the coming year.


Member of another club, but want to place us a second club
Not a problem, we ask that you pay your Social Membership fees here, and once again, head on over to the British Cycling site where you can choose Marsden Racers as your secondary club. This will then automatically add you to our records.

£10.00 / year

CYCLISTS ONLY MEMBERSHIP: The price above is for membership to the Marsden Racers Only. Please also sign up to British Cycling as described in content.


For our walkers and Supporters
£ 10.00 Annually
  • Attend our Social Events / Challenges
  • Other EA Registered Athletes can join
  • Discount for businesses
  • 5% Discount to our shop


Free access to all running
£ 31.00 Annually
  • FREE for 30 Days
  • Join any of our sessions
  • Affiliated to UK Athletics
  • Wide Range of Discounts


Free access to all cycling
£ 29.00 Annually*
  • FREE for 30 Days
  • Join any of our sessions
  • Affiliated to British Cycling
  • Wide Range of Discounts


Full access to all sessions
£ 50.00 Annually*
  • FREE for 30 Days
  • Affiliated with England Athletics
  • Affiliated with British Cycling
  • Discount for businesses