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So you want to run a 5k. Everyone can! It just takes a little motivation and a training plan!

We started our 5k Group last year and had a lot of success. We have absolute beginners right through to people who could only find 30 minutes to run with us and have had people start from no where to running a half marathon within the first 8 months.

We wanted to extend this to people outside of our club.

You can download the training programme and start improving. Join our Strava Club and see others taking on the challenge and feel part of the community. Use #mruk5k on Instagram on social media to connect to a larger audience!



Download the Training Plan

It doesn’t matter whether you are from our local area or not, we want everyone to get on board with our 5k Community. Whether you are beginner or someone just wanting to get some extra training in, our 5k programme is designed to be progressive

Follow the training plan for 4 weeks to build up to a non stop 5k!



Join the Strava Community

Strava is a FREE application that is great for tracking your running progress. Sign up and join our 5k club to get encouragement.

You can connect your phone or watch to Strava and start getting involved with other runners!

Become a part of the group wherever you are in the world!


Share your Journey #mruk5k

Join the MRUK 5k Journey on social media. Take photos of your runs and show other 5k runners your progress on your 4 week plan! 

Get encouragement from others and find out more from other runners. Share your experiences and your goals

Follow the training plan for 4 weeks to build up to a non stop 5k!